Data in Delphy

Last modified on 14 April, 2022

1. Introduction

The package data that is available on the Delphy website are from various sources. Delphy does not track the package information by itself. It depends on APIs from different sources.

Along with that, Delphy also has user-generated package reviews and ratings.

2. Here is a list of data sources in Delphy
  • Delphy uses NPM API and registry to get NPM package data.
  • Delphy uses PyPI APIs to gather data for PyPI packages.
  • Delphy uses GitHub V3 Rest APIs and V4 GraphQL APIs to collect Github repository data.
  • Delphy uses Google BigQuery to get PyPI package download stats.
  • User-generated package reviews and ratings.
3. Caching Policy

Delphy uses heavy caching to reduce the traffic that goes to these APIs. We respect that they provide these APIs for free and we don't want to exploit them. Delphy cache all the package data for 7 days and fetches new data only after 7 days. The package data doesn't change that often so 7 days seems like a sweet spot.

4. No Guarantee

As Delphy collects the data from various sources, Delphy provides no guarantee that the data here is correct and accurate. Delphy blindly trusts the data coming from sources.

5. Acknowledgment

Most of the sources mentioned above provide public APIs that are completely free for use. Without these APIs, this website was impossible to develop.

How can you contact us about this notice?

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