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How does Delphy work?

Wondering how Delphy works? It's simple, there are just 3 stages, look below.

Third-party APIs

Delphy collects data from different third-party sources like NPM, PyPI, GitHub, BigQuery, BundlePhobia, etc.


Delphy uses heavy caching to cache the data in our internal database servers to reduce the load to the third-party APIs.


Finally, Delphy renders all the information in an intelligently designed, and highly interactive dashboard.

But how to use Delphy?

Delphy is one of the simplest platform to use. Just type the name of a package (say express) and hit search. In the search results, click on any library to open the details page where you can see all the information, stats, reviews, and everything about the package.


Delphy supports most of the packages present in the NPM and PyPI repository.

Delphy support 7 platforms including NPM, PyPI, and GitHub.


Delphy provides 25+ key matrices on packages.

All In One Place

Delphy aggregates information from various sources like GitHub and NPM.


Delphy provides all the necessary information about packages.


Delphy provides several key stats and analytics of packages.


Delphy provides package reviews and ratings of packages.


Delphy helps users to find and discover packages.


Delphy provides different types of badges that can be attached anywhere.

Get started with Delphy today

Just type the name of your favorite package and hit search to see the magic

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